News: Hack together a gun with a Chapstick tube

Hack together a gun with a Chapstick tube

In less than five minutes, transform an innocuous lip balm into a precision rocket. And all you need is Chapstick.

Daniel Bauen of is an inventor, engineer and all-around DIY wizard. He's built everything from autonomous robots to bicycle-powered tennis ball launchers.

We commend his simple engineering instructions on the Chapstick gun. It is one of our favorite ways to irritate the ones we love!

Make a chapstick pop gun without tools

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I use to love making these when I was young and went skiing. They are great for shooting people on the ski lift going the opposite way.

I have never tried this Im going to make one though

ok... I never though you could do this before with this lol

Lets poke some eyes out lol kidding!

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