How To: Make a light up bubble tube

Make a light up bubble tube

Lava lamps are cool and retro, but they can be expensive and there is a risk of fire if you leave them unattended and they tip over accidentally. By using this tutorial by Shooting Eggs, you can make your own light up bubble tube using materials you might already have around the house, and it will be safer and a whole lot cheaper than the kind you'd buy. Make one of these babies, and your 1966 love den will be all ready to go.

Materials needed:
A Perspex tube
Super Glue
Hack Saw
A sheet of Perspex
Shower gel

1. Cut out three circles of Perspex.

2. Drill a hole about the size of your finger into one of the Perspex circles.

3. Use the hacksaw to cut one of the Perspex tubes in half.

4. Glue the circles onto either end of one of the tubes, with the circle with a hole in the middle. Glue the two tubes together.

5. Fill half of the tube with glue or shower gel.

6. Glue the last of the perspex circles on the other end of the tube, checking to make sure the seals are tight.

7. When you're sure it's dry, turn it upside down, place the flashlight on top and enjoy the bubble show. Now you have your very own lava lamp/chemlight.

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