How To: Solve the Rubik's Cube intuitively without algorithms

Solve the Rubik's Cube intuitively without algorithms

Check out this three-part video tutorial on how to solve the Rubik's Cube intuitively and without algorithms. With this method there is no need to memorize complicated algorithms. Crack the Cube with sheer brain power, if you can. No one said you had to be a genius to solve a Rubiks Cube, you just have to have a little common sense and patience.

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This series of videos are 100% FALSE ADVERTISING. It says "intuitive" and even (in the first few seconds of the first video) says you won't need to memorize algorithms (predetermined sequences of cube moves). He's even so blatant as to show the notation for algorithms, saying "you won't need to do this".

Then in step 2, he teaches algorithms, trying to mask them with "do this clockwise, do that clockwise". I was still holding on, waiting for how he would end it.

In step 3, he abandons his premise completely, and just teaches algorithms to solve the last layer. He uses cube notation, which he never explains, to "teach" these algorithms. How is anyone supposed to follow this if they don't already know cube notation (like I do) ?

To add insult to injury, he calls this a "new method", when in fact, it is essentially, step by step, nearly the exact method that comes in the booklet inside the package with store bought Rubik's cubes. You might also have seen Dan Brown teaching it on youtube.

These videos are a 100% complete waste of time. Dan Brown is a better teacher, even with this inferior method. This is NOT intuitive; it's pure algorithm based solving. What was the author thinking when he decided to make these?!?

this is so damn hard...n it teach me nothing

try the simple solution to the rubicks cube by james g noris its a cool book and the idea slotion to the rubickjs cube book and mastering rubicks cube book
all have ideas but you could combine the ideas and lik james g nori says you will get ideas to cu your solving time i did the fith step is its solved and he says go out side saying i solved the rubicks cube and then reward you self to the refridarator


just a rookiee...

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