How To: Turn a Finger Board into a Mini Snowboard

Turn a Finger Board into a Mini Snowboard

Step 1 Unscrew the trucks from the bottom of your board.

On the deck of your fingerboard you will see two groups of screws. These screws attach the trucks to the board. To unscrew the screws use a mini screw and wrench used to change trucks and wheels on finger boards.

Step 2 Unbolt.

The trucks consists of two parts - one is the part that holds the wheels, and the other connects the trucks to the board. The only thing connecting the two is a tiny bolt. Unscrew the tiny bolt and the pieces should fall apart. You don't need the pieces that holds the wheels, but keep the two pieces that screw to the board.

Step 3 Screw.

The two pieces of the trucks you need have four screw holes, and on the board there are four screw holes. Instead of screwing the piece of the truck to the bottom, put it on the top. Align the four screw holes on the truck to the four screw holes on the board. Then turn the board over. Screw the screws through the board and the trucks. Make sure the head of the screw is on the bottom of the board. Do this for both trucks and you're done. The mini snowboard should have nothing on the bottom and two things sticking out of the top.

How to Turn a Finger Board into a Mini Snowboard

Step 4 Use your new mini snowboard.

To grip: press pointer finger and middle finger against the part that sticks up so it will stick to your fingers as long as you apply pressure.


  • You might want to stretch a small rubber band (the kind "Petco" ties up Goldfish bags with) around the trucks and put your fingers under it to keep your fingers pressed to the board.

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