How To: Recycle an Old Light Bulb into a Ship in a Bottle

Recycle an Old Light Bulb into a Ship in a Bottle

Learn how to make a ship in the bulb (aka a ship in a bottle). This cool diy hack demonstrates how to recycle an old lightbulb into a "ship in a bottle". Like the traditional ship in the bottle, the ship is first assembled outside of the bottle, then placed inside. Follow this fun how to hack video to learn how to make your own.

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Excellent idea! just a thought, but how about adding a white LED inside the cap and connect it to a small battery? you can light it up at night!

that was a really cool work of art; excellent idea!!!

Ok thats cool, but what was that song!?
I want it! :)

Thats awesome

That was so cool

Very creative now i have something to do with my old light bulbs.

good and creative!!!!

THNX buddy i will add a LED to it and power it thru USB ....... grt for my table

thanksssss buddy gr88888888888 idea


very neat!

right on, this is cool dude

how do you cut the lightbulb in half, it keeps smashing?

Thank u ... Very nice and simple.

Thank You We Loved your Work 5/6S ST. Francis De Sales Primary School

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