How To: Make a helicopter powered by rubber bands

Make a helicopter powered by rubber bands

This is a great little rainy day project you can make for almost no money, or a fun party trick you can use at the next office Christmas party! You will need two disposable drinking cups (stiff plastic or paper will work best), a fairly thick straw, a sturdy paper clip, a thick rubber band, a cocktail stick, a bead and a plastic ring you can get from the neck of a soda bottle. Assemble as shown, and then let it go!

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That was a great post. Out of your imagination and creativity you were able to come up with helicopter powered by rubber bands. Basically, Rubber bands are so typical and so sensible it is challenging to believe they didn't exist before 1845, when London businessman Stephen Perry took out their first patent.
They are so typical because they have literally hundreds of practical utilizes. Thinking out of the box, we present some of them, beyond securing stacks of paper and tying up hair. Certainly it is true, there aresome unexpected uses for rubber bands .

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