How To: Make a ball out of rubber bands

Make a ball out of rubber bands

Do you have too many rubber bands cluttering your desk? Gather them together into a rubber band ball!
You Will Need
* At least 50 rubber bands
* A sheet of paper (optional)
* Tin foil (optional)
* A marble (optional)

Step 1: Start the core
To get your rubber band ball started, you need to make a core. To do this, take one rubber band and twist it in half. Then twist it in half again.

Step 2: Finish the core
To finish the core, tightly wrap a second rubber band around it until the two are stable.

If you have trouble getting the two rubber bands started, you can crumple a sheet of paper or tin foil into a ball or even begin your rubber band ball with a small marble.

Step 3: Start wrapping
Take your third rubber band and wrap it around your core.

Step 4: Repeat
Repeat until you run out of rubber bands.

Step 5: Tie bands together
To create a ball that fills your friends with awe, you may need to tie rubber bands together to fit around the increasingly large sphere.

Step 6: Bounce!
Whether your rubber band ball is palm sized or basketball sized, you'll enjoy bouncing it around your office. It's much more fun than pesky rubber band clutter!

Fact: In 2006, Oregonian Steve Milton became the first professional rubber band ball maker.

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