How To: Make a self-moving tractor from a spool of thread

Make a self-moving tractor from a spool of thread

Learn how to make a 'Spool Tractor' using common household items, as demonstrated in this video. You would need the following items to make it:
• A spool of thread
• Rubber band- 1
• Paper clips- 2
• Clothes peg- 1
Begin by passing a paper clip on one side of the rubber band. Pass the second paper clip on the other side of the rubber band, as shown. Now push one paper clip along with the rubber band through the hole in the spool. Pull it out from the hole at the other end of the spool, till it is fastened by the other paper clip. Now take a clothes peg and pull it apart. Place one stick of the peg on to the free end of the band, after removing the paper clip. Pull the paper clip on the other end and wind it about 2 to 3 times around the rubber band. Then insert it in the hole. The winds on the rubber band don't let it pass through the hole while fastening the clothes peg on the other end. Now add some petroleum jelly to the surface where the clothes peg is fastened, as shown. Ensure the surface is well lubricated. Now twist the clothes peg to make multiple winds on the rubber band. Set your tractor on a smooth surface and watch it move rapidly.

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