How To: Make your own magic rollback can

Make your own magic rollback can

This fun little toy can be made with household items. No extra purchases necessary! Amuse your friends and befuddle your pets with this can that seems to roll back to you when you give it a push. It'll seem wrong, but only you will know the secret!

The rollback can is a simple and fun toy. Give it a push and it rolls right back to you! Learn how to build your own in only a few minutes with readily available household items.

The weight pulls down on the rubber band. As the can, rolls, the rubber band becomes twisted and stores energy. The more it rolls, the more energy is stored, all the while slowing down the can. When it stops, the energy stored in the rubber band gets transfered back to the can. And that's why it rolls back.

You can also try shaking the can in a circular motion to that the rubber band becomes twisted, and then letting it roll.
If your design is good enough, it might even roll uphill.

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