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News: Build Your Own LEGO Skull from Noah Scalin's Skull-A-Day Project

Noah Scalin—proprietor of the web famous Skull-A-Day project—has teamed up with LEGO engineer/artist Clay Morrow to provide instructions for Scalin's LEGO skull first posted back in '08. Rendered with LDView, Morrow dissected the original piece and put together full instructions (including a parts list) now available as a free downloadable PDF.

News: 2009's Wackiest Inventions

As 2009 comes to a close, the Telegraph presents a compilation of this past year's wackiest inventions. As always, here at WonderHowTo, we are inspired and impressed by ingenuity. The contraptions below range from utter silliness (engagement ring bra) to downright amazing (see-through concrete). Check it out.

News: World's Fastest Clapper

Behold, Kent "Toast" French, the Guinness World Record holder for fastest clapping. You might say, fast clapping? What kind of feat is that? Well, just watch. The video below gets pretty intense... Kent can clap 721 times in 60 seconds. That's 12 claps per second.

News: Gigantic Bubbles

According to the Telegraph's interview with world record setting bubbleologist (who knew such a thing existed?!) Samsam Bubbleman, "It's all about having the right bubble solution. If you have the right mixture then your tools don't matter..." 

News: Dice Stacking Virtuosos

Wikipedia's definition of dice stacking: "Dice stacking is a performance art, akin to juggling or sleight-of-hand, in which the performer scoops dice off a flat surface with a dice cup and then sets the cup down while moving it in a pattern that stacks the dice into a vertical column via centripetal force and inertia."

News: YouTube's Hottest Bubblegum Blowers

And by hottest, I mean most popular. These ladies have got skills. I want to be as good as them, and I've already begun my research. If you're also interested in joining the ranks of hottest bubble gum blowers, go here for some beginners tips.

News: Blow anti-gravity floating bubbles

Defy logic and gravity with this quick magic-science illusion. All you need is lighter fluid, a bowl and some bubble solution. The butane gas from the lighter sinks to the bottom of the bowl, below the oxygen. The bubbles then float in the oxygen atop the heavy butane creating a magical hover effect!

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