News: Truly Ingenious CD Bubble Trick

Truly Ingenious CD Bubble Trick

Sometimes the simplest things yield the most fun results. This clever trick creates long, condom-esque plastic bubbles.

This How-To is very simple: Grab the plastic disk that comes with your blank CD or DVD spindle or scratch the aluminum off a real disc. Heat an area of it with a lighter. Blow.

Detailed demonstration here.

Russian girl demonstrates by blowing an amazingly long CD bubble:

Jesse's bubble in slow-mo:

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AWESOME! I'm sure it smells wonderful as well.

That's awesome! Never thought of doing that with a CD!


Tried this tonight and it didn't work.

I tried to and it didn't work.

it works, the trick is keep moving the flame in circles, and when you start to see that the plastic get tinner it will be the moment to blow.

I tried it and it worked perfectly, however when I put it on it was still a bit warm and it got stuck to the hairs on my gooch!! Also my lady friend became preggers so not only is it a painful alternative to traditional means of contraception, it's useless as well!

^^ Best. Comment. Ever. ^^

it isn't good because it is very awesome

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