News: YouTube's Hottest Bubblegum Blowers

YouTube's Hottest Bubblegum Blowers

And by hottest, I mean most popular. These ladies have got skills.

I want to be as good as them, and I've already begun my research. If you're also interested in joining the ranks of hottest bubble gum blowers, go here for some beginners tips.

The lineup:

  • Susan Montgomery Williams (aka Chewsy Suzy). Guinness World Record bubblegum blower, T.V. fame, sadly passed away in 2008.
  • The famous Lolita of Bubblegum blowing, Angie. Two videos shown in the second gallery below, the first of which was actually flagged by the YouTube community for being "too hot". The second video in the gallery is pretty Lolita-esque as well. If you want to check out more "hot" videos, Angie's got a YouTube channel (careful, it is a bit R Rated, maybe NSFW).
  • Lastly, the Bubblegum Blowin' Granny. Joyce Samuels holds the Guinness World Record for blowing bubbles through her nose, and though admittedly impressive, it is bottom line horrifying.

Check out the motley crew below.

Susan Montgomery Williams, Greatest Bubblegum Blower Ever
Angie, Lolita of Bubblegum Blowing
Joyce Samuels, Bubblegum Granny

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