News: World's Fastest Clapper

World's Fastest Clapper

Behold, Kent "Toast" French, the Guinness World Record holder for fastest clapping. You might say, fast clapping? What kind of feat is that? Well, just watch. The video below gets pretty intense... Kent can clap 721 times in 60 seconds. That's 12 claps per second.

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he is so weird

clapping fast is not to cool

better than eat u can do. He got an award. did u?

but it is hard

why wud u want 2 clap fast

holy crap...clapping that fast IS COOL


that is ridiculous

a lil bit. but still he got an award.

What was he watching that was so good it made him clap that fast?

lmao. i neva thought about that. good ass question!

You're really fast~~!!!!

what a useless talent silence. Then one person starts the slow clap.........

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