How To: Blow the biggest, best bubble-gum bubble

Blow the biggest, best bubble-gum bubble

Think you can beat the bubble-gum bubble record? Follow these steps and learn how to blow the biggest bubble ever!

Step 1: Chew
Chew several pieces of bubble gum until the flavor is gone.

Use sugar-free gum. The less sugar in your gum, the stronger it'll be.

Step 2: Make a hole
Stick your tongue into the gum to make a hole, and then blow into the hole to make a pouch. This is the start of your bubble.

Step 3: Blow, blow, blow!
Blow into the bubble with slow, even breaths. Keep a firm but gentle lock on the part still in your mouth.

To perfect large bubbles, practice indoors. This way you can easily control wind and temperature.

Step 4: Practice, practice, practice!
Practice your new skill. Compete with family and friends to see who can blow the biggest, best bubble-gum bubble ever!

Fact: Susan Montgomery Williams set a Guinness World Record for the biggest bubble-gum bubble – 23 inches in diameter – in 1979.

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