How To: Build an upside down bookcase

Build an upside down bookcase

Follow these tips and learn to make an upside down bookcase.
-Get all your games and books out, measure them to a piece of Velcro.
-Cut the Velcro and paste it down on the shelf.
-Take one of your books or games and wrap the Velcro around it, then clip the sticky side off.
-Place the opposing side of the Velcro on the sticky side you just clipped off.
-Now wrap around the book, you might want to hide the Velcro inside the book.
-Take the other end and snap it down.
-Repeat those steps for every item you want to stick to the shelf.
-If you have a few games or books that are the same size then you can probably wrap a few of them together, make sure its snug.
-Install upside down shelf to wall.
-Now attach books and games to upside down shelf.
-Make sure the shelf is a little below eye level so guests can't see what you did.
These instructions will help you to build a perfect upside down bookcase.

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