How To: Build your own stilts

Build your own stilts

Tired of always having to ask tall folks to help you get stuff down from the top shelf? In this tutorial from Make Magazine, Kipkay teaches you how to build your own stilts. But while these stilts will make you taller, we don't suggest wearing them on the basketball court.

Materials needed:
Lumber, including some 2 x 2 pieces. It needs to support your weight, so pick a good strong piece of wood without any bows or knots.
A saw.
Measuring tape.
A pair of old shoes.
Washers, nuts and bolts.
A pair of old belts.
A wrench.
A drill.
4-inches pieces of ABS plastic.

Saw and sand your lumber as shown in the video, then put it together using nuts, bolts and screws. Use the ABS plastic for your calf supports and bolt on a couple of old belts to help keep the calf supports attached to your legs. Now you're ready to go.

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