How To: Create a string figure Apache Door

Create a string figure Apache Door

Did you play Cat's Cradle as a kid? Well, there's more to string figure art than just Cat's Cradle or Jacob's Ladder. This string art video demonstrates how to make a string figure Apache Door. Song: Gentle Giant - Why Not.

Browsing the International String Figure Association website, I came across Gadan Rock String Figures. Gadan Rock String Figures is amazing! Our instructor is Italian, and apparently an avid fan of both rock music and string figure art. Search String Figure on WonderHowTo for more tutorials from Gadan.

String Figure art is considered an ancient art. From []: "String figures were widely studied by anthropologists like James Hornell from the 1880s through around 1900, as they were used in attempts to trace the origin and developments of cultures. String figures, once thought to have proven monogenesis, appear to have arisen independently as an entertainment pastime in many societies. Many figures were collected and described from south-east Asia, Japan, South America, West Indies, Pacific Islanders, Inuit and other Native Americans."

For common string figure moves, check out Wikipedia's Terms section.

Create a string figure Apache Door

Create a string figure Apache Door Click through to watch this video on

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