How To: Make anti-gravity bubbles

Make anti-gravity bubbles

Learn how to make anti-gravity bubbles. Empty lighter fluid into a bowl and then blow bubbles. Watch this video tutorial and start having some bubble fun of your own.

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good experiment

hello, dam it how do you get theviedos to play on here????????

i'd like to see some explosions

Get another lighter and light the bubbles while their still in the air.

ya i agree w/ amie throw a match in there!

very unsafe this way, but you can do it with dry ice and not risk an explosion

science... it's entertaining

Yeah not quite impressive enough for the rock-ish music in the background

Pretty cool, but I don't think I would recommend this version for kids...

How long do you have to blow the bubbles before most of the gas dissipates?

Now throw a match into the bowl and watch it explode!

i thought bubbles were anti gravity already
you know you blow them
then they float away
on regular air

Actually if you dont notice they float to the ground and pop

you could always use helium

bubbles!!! :^)

dont all bubles levitate?

this wouldnt be "safe" for kis if you have an open flame around but it is pretty cool

If this would be to teach kids, make sure they are supervised and outside.


now see what happens if you mix the lighter fluid with the bubble mix and light the bubbles!

would be great to have filled a medium bowl with anti-gravity bubbles :D

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