How To: Make an infinity mirror

Make an infinity mirror

Ever wanted to have your own window into the infinite? By using this tutorial by Shooting Eggs, you can create an infinity mirror that will show rows of colored lights that seem to recede into the distance forever. It's a trippy illusion you can create with simple and inexpensive materials you'll find in many craft and hobby stores.

Materials needed:
A Perspex or glass mirror
A sheet of glass or Perspex
Christmas (or "fairy") lights
A frame

1. Apply the tint to the sheet of glass. Smooth out any bubbles. Now the glass has become a one-way mirror, and you can see through one side.

2. Tape the string of lights around the edge of the frame.

3. Tape the frame onto the mirror.

4. Turn on the string of lights in a darkened room, and you will see them reflected in a seemingly infinite tunnel of light. You can adjust the one-way mirror to get the angle you prefer. You can also put a light or other object in front of the mirror for a cool effect.

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