How To: Make playdough for your kids

Make playdough for your kids

It is a rainy day and the children are bored. What can they do? Mom has a great idea, make play dough. You have all the ingredients in the house. Ingredients you will need: 2 cups flour 1 -cup salt 1-cup water 1-tablespoon oil Few drops food coloring Add all of the ingredients together. You can use any color of food coloring you want. Mix together. You can use a spoon or your hands. Make sure it is mixed very well. It takes a lot of stirring to get it to look like play dough. The more you stir, the harder it becomes. Let it sit for a while. One good thing about making your own play dough is that you know what ingredients are in it. If a child puts some of the dough in their mouth, no need to worry as all of the ingredients are safe. After the play dough has sat for a short while, get out the cookie cutters and has some fun.

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