How To: Use the Nerf Gun Long Shot

Use the Nerf Gun Long Shot

In this how to video, you will learn how to use the Nerf Gun Long Shot. First, you will need to know about the magazine. These can hold 8 shots and are spring loaded. Do not load 8 shots, as it will jam. Instead, load 6 shots to prevent this. The shots can be used in other guns, but the Long Shot magazine can only use this shots. The holes in the shots make a whistling sound. If you get shot, you will feel it regardless of distance. The gun has a trigger, a mount, a quick grab design, a hidden magazine case, and an extender for long range. If the gun jams, pull the gun back and see what is wrong. From here, you can fix it. The rate of fire is slow but very accurate. It also comes with a scope that will attach at the top. It also has a good sight on it as well. The assault pistol can connect to the Long Shot to create a larger gun. This creates a chance for an extra shot. As for tactics, you can use the assault mode. Do not use a scope for this mode. To do an active reload, stuff the magazine with bullets and place it in the gun. From here, shoot as fast as you can. You can practice this on a target. You can get about a shot per second. For the sniper rifle mode, attach the scope. Practice shooting from long range. You now know how to use the Nerf Gun Long Shot.

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