How To: Cut a cigar the best way

Cut a cigar the best way

Many people ruin a good cigar by a badly placed cut. YouTube user Cigaraficionadovideo is here to help. First in order to understand the cutting mistakes you must first know how a cigar is put together. A hand made cigar is held together a the tip by, what is called, a cap. When cutting this cap you want to do it above the shoulder. Be carful here because a bad cut a little lower could result in the wrapper falling it apart can lead to a mouth full of tobacco which will pretty much ruin your smoking experience. Another place where people will run short is a dull blade. A dull blade can end up just damaging the wrapper. Next the different types of classes of cigars, first is the Figurados which include pyramids, torpedos, and perfectos. The average one used is the parejo. To cut the parejo successfully, place the edge of the cap into a guillotine cutter and snip off only the edge where you can see and it will produce a wide opening where the tobacco can be seen, you can then take your finger and brush off the excess tobacco from the edge. To cut a Figurado you usually cut 1/4 of an inch down and snip. You can then test the cigar and if your not receiving a full intake then you might want to cut it just a little bit more, it all depends on your preference. To cut a perfecto you'll want to cut it at the tip with the full side, some people like to cut off the a quarter of an inch on the foot to get the fuller intake. The way you cut a cigar is up to you but its entirely necessary to enjoy a good cigar.

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